Bee Pollen
Benefits of Bee Pollen
By: Pura | March 21, 2018


If you haven’t been seeing bee pollen everywhere from smoothie bowls to pills in your health food store, keep your eyes open because you will be soon. Bee pollen actually has almost all of the nutrients required for the human body to survive. So maybe it’s time to pack some of them in your emergency kit?

Bee pollen is rich in protein, digestible carbohydrates, and is a source of essential fatty acids, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, potassium, iron, copper, zinc, manganese, silicon and selenium. Because of its dense nutritional content, it’s been recommended for a variety of ailments and health benefits.  But since bee pollen is relatively new for many of us, let’s start from the beginning.


Bee collecting pollen


What is bee pollen?


In order to collect pollen, bees mix it with a small dose of secretion from their salivary glands or nectar so that it can be stored on their hind legs and brought back to the hive. Upon returning to the hive, the bees use this pollen to pack into honey cells and pack it with wax and honey. This creates those famous honeycombs that you recognize. So how do humans collect those little bee pollen sacks from the bee’s legs before they make it to the hive? Some beekeepers have small tunnels that bees need to go through to get to the hive and as they wiggle through them, some of the bee pollen then falls off their legs and is collected in a pack below. The bees will then return out to nature to find more pollen. One teaspoon of pollen takes one bee working eight hours a day for one month to gather! So try not to spill or waste any of those precious nuggets!


Bee Pollen


What are the benefits of bee pollen?


Because of its nutritional content, bee pollen has been shown to reduce inflammation, treat skin rashes or irritationsfight cancer tumors, reduce symptoms of multiple sclerosis, and even improve allergies. That’s not all, it’s been shown to improve reproductive performance, improve overall health, and even extend the life of mice who were given it. Now that’s impressive! But the list goes on and on, you’ll find it recommended for digestive issues, immune system booster, and for prostate health.




How do I use bee pollen?


Now that you’ve found bee pollen at your health food store, how do you start incorporating it into your diet? The easiest thing you can do is to add it to your smoothies, juices, or salad dressings. Try adding it to your yogurt, on avocado toast, or your morning tea. A quick Pinterest search for bee pollen recipes will have you inspired for the next month! You can also find bee pollen in tablet form too.


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