We're PURA

After personally seeing how valuable and fleeting our health can be, we spent years researching the impact our food and diets have on our health. What we found was astounding! The quality of our foods has a profound impact on our ability to fight off disease, lengthen our lives, and improve our happiness. It seems that we are only now re-discovering superfoods that have been eaten for centuries for their dense nutritional content and truly amazing effects on the human body. Foods like organic spirulina, organic chlorella, and organic barley wheatgrass are nature's gems that are backed by modern science.

Pura was founded on one ambitious vision; to help you achieve optimal health through the cleanest, most natural nutrition, and pure whole foods available. We take pride in creating superfoods that end up in your home.

How we do it

We create all-natural supplements and plant-based superfood powders of the highest and cleanest quality. Our team works diligently to design each product with the very same passion and energy our customers need to jump-start their paths to improved health. With our own state of the art manufacturing facility, we're able to ensure that the integrity of each plant remains intact during processing and packaging.

We have you in mind with every decision we make. That means being relentless when it comes to capturing all the leading nutrients, superfoods, whole fruits & veggies, and botanicals that have been clinically researched to boost your immune system against illness and keep you healthy and fit.

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Our diverse, PURA team comes from different industries, experiences, and parts of the world to work together based on one shared belief: there is power in our food. Every team member has their own personal health journey and now works together to help you with yours.

Our large teams include manufacturing, sales, marketing, quality control, and much more. If you'd like to be part of a new and growing company then check back on our opportunities page often. Or say hello and send us your resume at careers@pura.ca.