Spirulina Rice Recipe
8 Delicious Recipes with Spirulina You Need to Try Right Now
By: Pura | January 30, 2018

8 Delicious Recipes with Spirulina You Need to Try Right Now

When people first see spirulina, we understand their apprehension. It smells like algae (because it is), it can have a strong taste, and god forbid you spill it anywhere. But once you start adding it to smoothies and possibly feeling the benefits of its dense nutritional content, you likely come around.

Now that you’ve got your standard smoothie recipe down, it’s time to start experimenting because the potential for beautiful and nutritious spirulina foods is endless!

We’ve found 8 new ways for you to eat your spirulina that are guaranteed to impress your friends and mix up your weekly meals.


Spirulina Rice Recipe

Spirulina Rice Bites

So simple, so pretty, and so easy. We had never thought of adding spirulina to rice but the effect is mesmerizing! Get the details on how to do it yourself here.



spirulina toast

Photo: Courtesy of Adeline Waugh

Spirulina Toast

If you’ve been on Instagram over the past year then you’ve likely seen ‘Mermaid Toast’ or blue toast. You can thank Spirulina for this magical and social media-friendly trend. The good news is that it’s pretty easy to make too! Get the quick instructions on how to make your own gorgeous toast here.



spirulina nice cream

Spirulina Vegan Nice Cream

Many vegans avoid foods with artificial colouring because it can be difficult knowing where these ingredients are sourced from. Which is another reason to use spirulina! It can give you that pop of green or blue in your favourite foods like Banana Nice Cream. Chocolate Covered Katie has a simple recipe that you can find here.



Spirulina Popsicles

Spirulina Popsicles

Basically a smoothie for those hot summer days, popsicles are a great way to mix-up your daily greens. Can we suggest this recipe for Blue Spirulina Popsicles from Green Smoothie Gourmet? We might recommend dipping these in chocolate too.



Spirulina Tea


Spirulina Green Tea

It’s so simple and yet- why didn’t we think of this? Add a bit of spirulina to your morning tea to really maximize your nutrient intake. The Free-Spirited Blog recommends making green tea with spirulina and coconut oil. Now that is begging to be sipped with a book beside a fireplace!



Raw Spirulina Hemp Balls

Raw Spirulina Hemp Balls

Pack these for your next hike or even your next long flight for a boost of energy and nutrients. Further Food has you covered with their vegan and gluten-free recipe that you can make on Sunday and snack on for the rest of the week.


spirulina gummy bears

Sour Spirulina Gummy Gears

Given, making your own spirulina gummy bears requires a gummy bear mold but if you’re the type who prefers daily vitamins to a green smoothie or Mermaid Toast then making your own spirulina bears might be for you. Earth To Amy walks you through the steps of making your own here.


Spirulina Sesame Bites

Spirulina Nut-Free Sesame Bites

These look so much better than those sugar-covered sesame snacks you see at the grocery store! These antioxidant-packed sesame bites would be easy to carry around in your purse and especially helpful when that afternoon crash hits. One Green Planet has the recipe from Radiantly Raw Lifestyles here.


Want to learn more about the benefits and nutritional content of Spirulina? Read our post on Spirulina; The Pond Scum You’ll Want to Eat.


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Delicious yet simple! This is my new favorite. Thank you!

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