10 Matcha Recipes That You Have to Try
By: Pura | October 05, 2017

You’ve read about the amazing benefits of Matcha before and luckily there are so many more ways to add match into your diet other than brewed tea or lattes. Here are 10 recipes that you need to try to get your fix of matcha.


  1. Matcha Banana Ice Cream

Yum, we’ll be reaching for a bowl of this creamy ice cream this summer!



Matcha Ice Cream from OhHowCivilized.com


  1. Chocolate Matcha Swirl Loaf

This bread is so pretty you’ll want to serve it at every dinner party you host.

Chocolate Matcha Swirl Loaf from the EmotionalBaker.com


  1. Matcha Green Tea White Chocolate Cookies

We love the idea of making our daily indulgences a little bit healthier by adding matcha green tea to these delicious white chocolate chip cookies.

White Chocolate Matcha Cookies from Salu-Salo.com


  1. Coconut Matcha Chia Pudding

This recipe for chia pudding looks utterly divine and relatively easy to make! This is going to be our go-to recipe for rainy nights in from now on.

Coconut Matha Chia Pudding from APastryAffair.com


  1. Chocolate Matcha Truffles

We adore the idea of including matcha in these Chocolate Truffles, they will convince you that matcha can be a delightful and nutritious dessert!

Chocolate Matcha Truffles from LeanGreenNutritionFiend.com


  1. Matcha Green Tea Waffles

Why not mix up your brunch routine and get your day started with a healthy serving of these Matcha Green Tea Waffles?

Matcha Waffles from PlatingPixals.com


  1. Matcha Mint Iced Tea

This is such a great and simple recipe for Mint Iced Tea, we can picture ourselves slowly sipping it while sitting at work or running errands.

Matcha Mint Tea from LoveandLemons.com


  1. Matcha Scones

Just grab some fresh jam or butter and you’ll be ready to enjoy these Matcha Scones.

Matcha Scones from EpicMatcha.com


  1. Gluten Free Matcha Coconut Bars

This recipe for Gluten Free Matcha Coconut Bars would be great for a week’s worth of lunches or to pack for a hike or picnic.

Gluten-Free Matcha Coconut Bars from FearlessDining.com


  1. Warm and Sweet Matcha Tea Oatmeal

One of the easiest ways to add matcha to your meal is to add it to your oatmeal! Check out this recipe for Warm and Sweet Matcha Tea Oatmeal for inspiration.

Matcha Oatmeal from EpicMatcha.com

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