2020 Is the Year Chlorella Should Be In Everyone’s Kitchen
By: Pura | October 05, 2019

We’ve been getting all worked up about the amazingness of chlorella for YEARS. We know. We’re practically green in the face about it. (Little superfood humour there.)

Because if you’re into taking supplements, this his blue-green algae from freshwater needs to be on your radar. We’re telling you, you need to be stocking up on this single-cell microalgae and investing in your health then. Just a reminder that every tablespoon contains:


  • 5 grams of protein (listen up vegans and vegetarians!)
  • 96% of your daily recommended vitamin A intake
  • 24% of your daily recommended vitamin B2 intake
  • 10% of your daily recommended vitamin B3 intake
  • 67% of your recommended daily iron intake
  • 44% of your daily recommended magnesium intake


Don’t forget that you’ll be getting vitamin B1, B6, K, and phosphorous with every serving of chlorella too. It also contains one of the densest concentrations of chlorophyll on the planet.

And as we detailed before, chlorella has been shown to help lower blood sugar levels, support your immune system, help you lose weight, detoxify your body, and help you recover from radiation. Whew! That is one productive algae!

How does it do it? Chlorella is an anti-oxidant rich food that helps boost your body’s immune system to ward off infections, cleanse your liver, and help remove mold from your body. Not to mention that it also supports healthy brain function. And because of its anti-oxidant content, chlorella is great for keeping skin elastic and looking young.

Recent studies have also shown that it can also accelerate wound healing and lower cholesterol levels.

By now, we’re going to assume that you’re on the chlorella train and you’re ready to join us in making sure that everyone is taking chlorella but besides taking supplements, how can you eat it?

You can add it to your smoothies, pestos, salad dressings, dips, baking, spritzers, chia puddings, or lemonades!

Need superfood inspiration? Check out our post on 8 Delicious recipes to make with your spirulina here!

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