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4 Types of Meditation to Try If You Can’t Sit Still
By: Pura | September 04, 2020

We’ve always been big on meditation and even more so since COVID crashed into our lives earlier this year. And as much as we’ve talked about the many, many benefits of meditation, we know that it can be challenging to actually sit down and clear your mind.

So if you can’t picture yourself sitting cross-legged chanting ‘Ommmmmmmmm’ in your busy house or during your jam-packed days, we’ve got some different types of meditations to help you clear your mind and feel centered.


Tapping Meditation


We only discovered this last year but we’ve been obsessed ever since. What we love about this type of meditation is that with the tapping and the guides, it’s hard for your mind to wander. You can choose from a variety of topics to help you focus on your affirmations and gratitude while tapping on key points of your body. Want to learn more? We’ve got an entire post dedicated to tapping meditation and how to do it here.


Walking Meditation


When we first entered quarantine, our only daily reprieve from working at home was a nightly walk while meditating. The combination of fresh air, exercise, and the practice of focusing on our sensations allowed us to come back home feeling rejuvenated and happy. And the most beautiful part? You can do it even if you’re only walking for a few minutes. Do it on your own or download guided meditation with a podcast.


Body Scan Meditation


This meditation is positively dreamy when laying in bed. The idea is that you visualize your body scanning it with a bright, beautiful light going from the tips of your toes to the top of your head. You can use this technique to focus on areas of tension or pain by pausing your vision of light on those areas which has been studied to actually help reduce the feelings of chronic pain! Want help getting started? Here is a Youtube playlist to help you get the idea. 


Kundalini Yoga 


For those of us that like to combine a workout with meditation, kundalini yoga is worth checking out. It blends yoga moves with breathing and mantras to help relax the mind while loosening up the body.  Studies have found that this type of yoga is effective in treating anxiety.


Looking for more tips on keeping a balanced and happy mindset? Check out our post on foods to boost mental clarity here. 

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