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5 Health Apps to Help You Keep Your 2020 Resolution
By: Pura | November 29, 2019

December hasn’t even started yet and we’re already prepping for all the detoxing we’re going to have to do after the holidays! The odd glass of wine, the dark chocolate, the rich and decadent dinners…it’s going to be amazing and it’s going to be a lot.

But we’re planners and so we love using January as a month of goal-setting, resolutions, and vision boards for a new and fresh year.

And that also means taking advantage of today’s technology to help us reach new levels of optimal mental and physical help.

Here’s what we have downloaded on our phone to help us get there.


Breathe 2 Relax


Stress tends to creep up until we’re feeling a tightness in our chests that makes us wonder if we’re really still too young to have a heart attack. Breathe 2 Relax is all about breathing techniques and strategies to help stabilize your mood, keep anger in check, and keep you focused on staying centered and zen. We often forget to take time to meditate or do our breathing exercises but we’re going to set a timer to remind ourselves of this app on our phone!




Only got 5 minutes? Or what if you want to hit the gym for an hour? Sworkit has you covered. You input the length of time for your workout, the type of workout you’re looking for (yoga, cardio, etc) and Sworkit delivers a workout based on what you asked for. No more sitting on the bike at the gym while scrolling through Instagram because ow we have a workout to complete!


Nike Training App


When it comes to fitness, you know Nike doesn’t mess around. They’ve gathered some of the world’s top trainers for fitness plans and workouts so you can hit the gym or the track in your Air Jordan’s prepared.


My Fitness Pal


This app has been around a long time and we consider it the gold standard of nutrition apps, especially if you’re trying to lose weight. It has nutritional data on thousands of products and meals so you can count calories (if that’s what you want) and monitor your calorie intake. For us, we use it to see how many of our ‘healthy’ snacks really are all that healthy!




One of the most stressful feelings we have often is that of feeling like we’re forgetting something. Living in 2020 likely means having 3 dozen things on the go at once and a to-do list that never ends. TickTick is the place to stay organized, be reminded, and keep your daily lists like grocery shopping.


Looking for more on finding optimal health in the new year? Read our post on celery juice!

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