2019 Resolutions
5 Resolutions to Keep this Year
By: Pura | December 31, 2018

Admittedly, we love making new year’s resolutions. Cracking into a brand new journal or planner to daydream about all the things we want to do and accomplish in this fresh and hopeful new year is exhilarating. And it’s not just a fun way to spend an afternoon or an excuse to spend some time at that awesome hipster coffee shop. Studies have shown that writing down your goals makes it more likely that you will achieve them.

One way to avoid completely forgetting your optimistic visions and goals by February is to make realistic changes and changes that reward you with feeling good. Here are 5 small but important resolutions we’ll be making (and keeping) this year!


Cut Back on Caffeine


It seems like almost everyone will admit they should cut back or cut out coffee and it’s something we understand. That fantastic jolt of energy you get with every sip, the experience of being passed a hot cup of coffee at your favourite cafe, or even the smell of roasted coffee beans in our house is enough to make us pledge our undying commitment to everything coffee.

But caffeine¬†can have a real negative effect on our health and well-being. This year, we’re going to consume coffee more mindfully and take advantage of the dozens of health benefits of green tea. Plus, we’re still going to treat ourselves with spirulina lattes and even reishi mushroom lattes!

Cutting back or cutting out coffee can have a real positive ripple effect on our sleep, anxiety levels, and overall health. So cheers to starting the day with something green to drink!


Maintain a Serious Sleep Routine


Blame Ariana Huffington for making us obsessed with sleep. Lack of sleep can make us less efficient at work, crankier, and of course, degrade our mental well-being. Improving our sleep can depend on the food we eat but a big part of getting enough quality sleep every night can be because of a healthy nighttime routine. It can be as simple as keeping your room cool, using a white noise app, or treating yourself to some nice sheets. If we want to be our selves in 2019 we’re going to have to make sleep a priority.


Get Outside and Breathe


You know how studies have shown that people with dogs live longer? Many have argued that dogs force use humans to get outside regularly. It sounds absurd that we need to make a goal to get outside every day to take a quick walk or run and breath in some fresh air but that’s the fast-paced world we live in. The health benefits of being in nature can’t be denied; improved mental health, improved sleep, and a good dose of vitamin D!

Depending on if you need some external accountability, a running or walking group could be a good idea or a weekly walk with a friend just to connect. For us, putting something in the calendar is going to increase our chances of success.


Attempting to Live More Minimally


There’s been a rise in interest in minimalism recently thanks to documentaries on Netflix like the one called simply, ‘Minimalism‘. It feels like we spend a good portion of our lives trying to declutter, get ourselves organized, and be better with our money. We’re going to make a much stronger effort to only replace what we need and live with less stuff in our lives.

With all the increasing concerns about our environment and excessive waste, minimalism is a beautiful way to be more mindful, be kinder to our planet, and focus on the things that really matter.


Eat More Greens


We’re going to do something simple but possibly radical. We’re going to have something green with every meal. It shouldn’t be that challenging right? Argula on our avocado toast in the morning, basil and cucumbers in our quinoa salad at lunch, and maybe some spirulina mixed in with our rice for dinner. The best way to succeed at eating cleaner is to make it simple and give yourself lots of options. If you’re looking for more ways to eat green, find some inspiration on our Instagram page!


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