Ways to De-Stress
5 Unique Ways to Keep Your Stress Levels Down
By: Pura | August 04, 2019

There’s something oddly stressful about the summer. Don’t get us wrong, it’s a blast but there’s a certain amount of pressure that comes with running from a patio to a birthday party to the lake. Good problems to have but add in the usual work, money, family, and general stresses and it can be a bit much.

We know that we should be taking time to meditate, work out, and eat well, but during our online searches we found some other unique ways to keep stress under control.


Get Your Vitamin C


Stock up on your citruses or swing by your local drug store for supplements because Vitamin C has been shown to fight the psychological and physical effects of stress on your body. Not only that but it’s been shown to help us bounce back from stressful situations faster than those without the extra vitamin C. Experts believe that it’s Vitamin C’s ability to help us secrete¬†cortisol (the hormone that helps us deal with stress) that helps us build up a bigger tolerance to stress.


Snack on Some Oatmeal


We’re talking the good stuff filled with potassium and magnesium without all the added sugars. Because of this good stuff in oatmeal, it’s been shown to raise serotonin levels, making us happier and less susceptible to stress.



Spend Some Time with a Furry Friend


Studies have shown that having a pet like a dog can be good for your health. Likely because it makes you leave your computer and get outside for fresh air more than once a day. It’s probably a contributing factor as to why having a pet has been shown to lower your chances of heart disease and increase your life span.¬†But even spending time with a pet like a cat has been shown to lower stress levels. So if having a pet isn’t an option for you, maybe it’s time to volunteer at a shelter or make some money pet-sitting on the side?



Spend Some Time Cleaning and Organizing


Who doesn’t feel great after a solid clean? It’s so satisfying and it helps us feel in control when it feels like there’s nothing in our lives going the way we had planned. Happiness expert Gretchen Rubin has even written and an entire book on achieving inner calm by working on ‘outer order’.




We’ll admit it. This one probably isn’t surprising but it’s worth reminding everyone because often when we’re stressed we want to be alone. But hanging out with a loved one to talk about anything other than what you’re stressing about or spending hours going over what’s on your mind can put things into perspective, make you feel less alone, and lighten your burden. So stop letting your mom’s calls go to voicemail!


Looking for more ways to improve your health and mental state? Read our article on cutting out sugar next!

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I am working in the marketing firm and i do 14 hours work in a day! Sometimes i feel much stress and back pain. I consult with the many doctors but my problem still continues. The steps that you have mentioned in the above posts (Vitamin C, spend time with friends and Socialize) I have to do-follow all things but after some time i feel the same problem again. Please suggest me a permanent solution. I am so tired this illness.

Accelerated Recovery

I am doing a marketing job. After 10 hours of work when i come to the house. After refreshment, i start the mediation. It has many advantages like It will remove my all stress 2, mind fresh 3, Controls Anxiety 4, Enhances Self-Awareness 5, Lengthens Attention Span and May Reduce Age-Related Memory Loss

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