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5 Ways to Detox After Halloween
By: Pura | October 26, 2019

Halloween is one of our favourite holidays and we know we’re not alone on this. Halloween is now the second biggest holiday in North America after Christmas!

Something about the smell of candles in pumpkins, kids all gathered outside to watch fireworks, and the halloween-themed movies and shows that pop up every year.

But even with our best efforts, we end up over-eating sugary sweets. We can depend on feeling bloated and stuffed on November 1st as much as we can depend on holiday decorations going up in stores the same day.

It’s sort of inevitable which is why we’ve got plans to help us recover fast this year. (And if you need a quick reminder as to what sugar does to our bodies, we’ve got an entire blog post dedicated to it here!)


Fill Up on Supergreens


Chlorella is one of those foods we can’t help but talk about all the time. This blue-green algae derives its rich green colour from its concentration of chlorophyll. And chlorophyll enables plants to process light and convert it into energy and for humans it’s a source of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K and beta-carotene. It’s also rich in antioxidants, vital minerals such as magnesium, iron, potassium, calcium and essential fatty acids. And chlorella has been shown to bind and flush out toxic chemicals, pesticides, drugs, and heavy metals such as mercury from our body.

And spirulina isn’t going to let chlorella take all the glory here either. Spirulina is high in protein and high in iron. Protein is essential in cell production and muscle repair, you can read more about the importance of protein during detoxing in our second post in our detoxing series here.

Iron fights off viral and bacterial infections in the body and allows our blood to carry oxygen to our muscles and organs while removing the carbon dioxide. While detoxing, iron is vital to keep our body flush with oxygen.

Adding spirulina to your meals has been shown to alkalize the body and support liver function by functioning as an antioxidant and scavenging for free radical cells. It’s even been shown to reduce arsenic from our systems!


Find those Ferments


Our guts can hold many secrets, many times when we’re feeling off or our digestion isn’t great, we can look to our gut for healing. Making sure you’re getting enough probiotics through fermented foods can help balance your gut.


Not only that, but if you’re looking to improve your gut health, you may want to cut out any meat products as well. Harvard University recently found that cutting out meat and cheese and switching to a vegetarian diet has a profound effect on the health of our guts in only a few days. Beans, blueberries, bananas, and tempeh have all been found to crowd out unhealthy bacteria and bring in healthy ones in our guts. (You can read more about our amazing guts here!)


Drink Lots of Water


This is a bit more obvious but it’s worth repeating. Keeping yourself hydrated is essential for your cells to be able to do their job, including keeping the toxins moving out of your body. We know on November 1st we’ve got a big bottle of water waiting for us at our desk.


Hit the Gym


Hitting the gym might be the last thing we feel like doing after we wake up with candy wrappers all over our body but it’s really what our body is craving. Hit the gym to sweat out those toxins, get your blood moving, and keep inflammation at bay.


Give Yourself Some Extra ZZZ’s


Your body is doing some amazing things while you sleep which is why you need to ensure you’re getting enough quality rest every night. According to scientists Andy R. Eugene and Jolanta Masiak who have studied our bodies and sleep, insufficient sleep impairs your glymphatic system, causing toxin build-up. And if you’re finding it difficult to unwind and fall asleep faster, we wrote another blog post on how to getting better sleep here.


Looking for more health hacks? Read our series on foods that naturally detox your body here!


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