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6 Hacks to Being a Healthier Person TODAY
By: Pura | August 15, 2019

When it comes to health and wellness, we’re a big believer in the nudge theory. To sum it up, if you want to reach a goal or motivate others to reach theirs, you should focus on nudging them towards it rather than pushing for big changes all at once.

We love this idea for a number of reasons, the first being that this method breaks down the steps to get to where you want to be and second the idea is so attainable! We can all nudge ourselves a little bit at a time to get better at what we’re working on, right?

Here are our favourite hacks right now that we’re using to improve our health and wellness:


1. Batch Cooking


We’ve all heard it a hundred times; meal prepping will help you save money and eat healthily! And it’s true, but for us, we’re usually tired of that same chickpea salad by the time Wednesday rolls around. But we find this hack so much easier. Once a week we do batch cooking and we’ll just double up on something we’re already making. Enchiladas, lasagna, or even shepherd’s pie. We’ll eat one right away and stash the other one in the freezer for when we’re running late, feeling lazy, or feeling like we might run out to inhale some fast food.

Having something really yummy and healthy in the freezer has really helped cut back on eating out and eating something we’re going to regret.


2. Health Treats


As much as we try and cut back on processed sugar, it’s a constant battle that we often lose. Something that has helped with that is finding a healthy treat. Like a real treat. Maybe it’s strawberries and yogurt or our personal favourite right now, watermelon juice. Stock up on something that really feels like a treat and is going to satisfy that sweet or savory craving you know you’re going to get.


3. Save that Show for the Fitness


Studies have shown that by saving an addicting Netflix show for the gym will motivate you to go more often. (It’s called ‘Temptation Bundling’.) We save our favourite podcasts for when we’re on the bike and find ourselves itching to get on it more than usual.


4. Know How You Meet Expectations


Gretchen Rubin has identified 4 personality types based on how they meet internal and external expectations. Knowing how you are best going to be held accountable can be immensely helpful in structuring your life to meet your goals. You might be someone who works best when they are accountable to someone else and might need someone to run with in the mornings. You might be someone who rebels against the rules and need to turn your goals into a bit of a game. Take some time to take her quiz to figure it out and see how you can shift your actions to meet your health goals right now!


5. Plant a Garden


A veggie garden means we’re flush with fresh veggies and herbs and inspired to make healthy meals any night of the week. But did you know that taking care of any kind of garden has been shown to help you burn calories, ward off your chances of a stroke, and help us maintain our weight? Just getting outside has been shown to have a calming effect so grab those gardening gloves!


6. Get a Pet


We admit it, this probably isn’t the easiest hack for most people but if you’re looking for somewhere to volunteer, you might want to check out your local SPCA or lend a hand with your neighbor’s pet. Having a pet has been shown to make you happier and calmer. Which makes sense because a dog is going to get you out of the house multiple times a day while having a kitty snuggle in your lap is bound to help melt away some of the day’s stress.


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