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6 Healthy Tips For Staying Happy and Healthy While Self-Distancing
By: Pura | March 20, 2020

Usually, we’re encouraging you to get outside, be with nature, and connect with friends to improve your mental health and help you stay fit. But this month we’re looking for ways to stay mentally and physically fit while at home.

Since most of us are staying indoors and close to home, we thought we’d share 6 tips to help keep you upbeat and active.


Take an Online Course


We only discovered online learning a few years ago and it’s made a huge difference in our personal and professional growth. So if you’re not someone who is currently taking classes from home, why not take some time to spruce up on your photography, writing, or cooking skills?


Find Namastay at Home


Our biggest challenge with regularly getting a good stretch is timing but now we can really get into a downward dog or child’s pose before we get into a Netflix marathon with a variety of online yoga classes and apps.


Have a Digital Gathering


Connect with your friends through Zoom, Google Hangouts, or Whatsapp at a specific time to unwind, check-in, and get your fill of social connections while you’re physically separated.


Start Meditating


If we haven’t convinced you yet, let now be the time to allow yourself to sit, breathe, and relax. There are an endless variety of guided meditation videos, podcasts, and apps that you can plug in whenever you’re feeling your anxiety rise.


Lend a Helping Hand


Evidence shows that volunteering and helping others is good for your mental health.¬†And now more than ever people need to come together and support each other. Maybe it’s as simple as a Whatsapp group for your neighbors, donating to charity, or checking in on your loved ones to make sure they’re ok.


Get Outside


As long as you’re keeping those 6 feet around clear, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be getting outside, being with nature, and moving your legs. The research is clear- getting outside is good for your mental health and physical health.


Looking for more technology to keep you happy and healthy? Check out our blog post on apps to keep you healthy in 2020.

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I tell you something about me. I am a businessman and after working 10 hours first I do yoga and eating healthy food ten sleep. The next day i get up early in the morning and do exercise. From all of these works, I feel fit and fresh.