Vegan Kale Brownies
6 Vegan Desserts with a Healthy Serving of GREEN!
By: Pura | February 15, 2020

As much as we try, we can’t escape the sweets this month or our own sugar cravings. So at this point, we’re not even going to try denying ourselves a sweet dessert after lunch, dinner….and yes, breakfast too. Our new strategy is to pack as many veggies and whole foods into our sweets as possible. It makes getting our daily veggie quote much easier, don’t you think?


Vegan Chocolate Avocado Pie


Chocolate Avocado Pie


Who isn’t a sucker for chocolate pie? For those of you who haven’t had avocado mousse before, you are missing out. Avocados add a deliciously thick and creamy element to your puddings while giving you all those good fats to help you feel full.


Raw Carrot Beet Cake


Raw Carrot Beet Cake with Cashew Frosting


There’s no way that the colours in this cake won’t make you smile! Filled with carrots, beets, walnuts, and dates, we’d argue that this is practically a smoothie!


Vegan Kale Brownies

Kale Brownies


We know. ‘Kale’ and ‘Brownies’ are two words that we have never wished to see together but you can’t deny that these pictures look absolutely decadent.


Vegan Carrot Cake Banana Bread


Carrot Cake Banana Bread


Who wouldn’t love a slice of this with their morning tea or coffee? WHO?!? Noone that’s who. Because this looks moist, light, creamy, and perfect.


Vegan Pumpkin Cake Bars


Pumpkin Cake Bars


We resent the fact that we’re expected to only eat pumpkin during one season of the year! A gourd this delicious deserves to be eaten all year round!


Vegan Pistachio Avocado Ice Cream

Pistachio Avocado Ice Cream


Pistachio and avocado are the duo we didn’t know we needed in our lives but thank heavens that is changing now! How delightful would this be after a big dinner? Or to snack on while typing away on your laptop? We can say from experience pretty dang delightful.


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