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6 Facts about Alfalfa That Will Surprise You
By: Pura | May 17, 2018

Alfalfa is often added as a delicious and light ingredient in salads, sandwiches, or even in noodle wraps but it is so much more than fancy grass. Alfalfa is packed with nutrition and the potential to help strengthen and heal our bodies. Alfalfa is able to grow as far as 60 feet underground meaning it can absorb a ton of nutrients from the soil far underground.

We understand you might be skeptical of these humble looking sprouts but here are 6 facts about alfalfa that will probably surprise you.


Balances Your Blood Sugar Levels

When alfalfa is taken with manganese, it has been shown to help stabilize blood sugar levels. Because of this and because of its low-calorie content, alfalfa is often recommended for those living with diabetes.


Fights Inflammation

Symptoms of inflammation come in many different forms and they are often a sign of some deeper health issues. Eating a well-rounded diet that includes anti-inflammatory foods is always a good idea which is why you might want to add some alfalfa powder to your next smoothie! A 2009 study showed that animals who were injected with compounds from the alfalfa plant had lower inflammation than those that didn’t. One of the likely reasons for this is the presence of amino acids in the alfalfa plant.


Supports Kidney & Urinary Tract Function

Alfalfa can be used for urinary tract, kidney, and prostate conditions because it has shown to increase urine flow. Alfalfa is high in protein and many believe that protein increases the flow of urine which can help alleviate conditions where urinating is difficult.


Alleviates Menopause Symptoms

Studies have shown that alfalfa, supplemented with sage can be effective in reducing symptoms of hot flashes and night sweats of menopausal women. Alfalfa on its own was shown to be less effective but the combination of it with sage had surprisingly positive results.


Relieves Pain

Alfalfa has shown promise in reducing pain. There has been antidotal evidence of it reducing swelling and as a holistic solution for pain relief such as headaches and migraines. The reason for its effectiveness in fighting pain could be because of its high calcium and magnesium content.


Supports Heart Health

The Heart Institute suggests incorporating alfalfa in your diet for a healthy heart because of its high content of vitamins and minerals. Since it’s been shown to balance blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels, alfalfa is a natural solution for keeping your heart healthy.


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