Vegan Fruit Tart
7 Fruity Recipes to Try Before the Summer is Over (all vegan!)
By: Pura | July 25, 2019

Summer, to us, is all about fresh fruit! We can’t get enough messy mangos, sweet watermelon juice, bright yellow kiwis, or gorgeous dragonfruit. It’s like we can feel the ticking of the clock when it will be autumn and we’ll be making big batches of squash soup again.

But we insist on living in the present! And so we’re spending our spare time on the hunt for fresh and delicious fruity recipes before it is sweater weather. Here are some of the recipes coming up on our very important ‘to-cook’ list.


Vegan Fruity Scones


Fruity Vegan Scones 


So heating up the oven probably isn’t the first thing you want to do in the summer heat but we love baking with fruit because we can freeze it and then have a taste of summer on a rainy day. How gorgeous would these be with a good book and a cup of tea?


Vegan Fruit Tart


Brownie Fruit Pizza


Brownie Fruit Pizza was something we didn’t know we needed in our life but there’s no turning back now. Now, this is a show-stopper dessert!


Watermelon Fries


Watermelon Fries 


Something about this summer heat seems to give us license to snack constantly. The thing that is so genius about this recipe is that we could snack on these ALL day totally guilt-free!


Vegan Fruity Breakfast Wraps


Fruity Vegan Breakfast Rolls


We’re suckers for rice-paper wraps for dinner or lunch and our minds are now blown. Fruit wraps for breakfast? How did we not think of this?!? Genius.


Vegan Jello


 Vegan Jello 


If you are vegan then it’s probably been a while since you’ve had the nostalgic taste of jello. That ends now because this vegan version is super easy to whip up!


Cinnamon Grilled Peaches


Cinnamon Baked Peaches 


You really get different flavours and tastes when you put fruit on the grill, it’s sweeter, softer, and pure heaven. We love grilled peaches with coconut ice cream and mint!


fruit sorbet


Fresh Fruit Sorbet


It doesn’t matter what we have for dinner, around 9pm with the sun still out, we want something sweet and cold! Homemade fruit sorbet sounds absolutely heavenly and the perfect way to end a summer day!


Need more recipes? Here are some vegan recipes worth firing up the BBQ for!

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