Grilled Fruit Salad
7 Fruity Summer Recipes to Make Right Now!
By: Pura | April 26, 2019

Is there anything better than the abundance of fresh summer fruit? We can’t wait to start picking blackberries as we walk through the city and living off of watermelon smoothies. Summer is the time to get your vitamin C and potassium from your mangos, papayas, and kiwis.

Need a little extra inspiration for all that fruit you’re going to buy at your farmer’s market? We’ve found 5 truly delicious fruit-packed recipes for you to try this season!


Kiwi Popsicles

Kiwi Watermelon Popsicles


Not a summer day goes by that we don’t crave a frozen dessert so having something fruity, delicious, and healthy in the freezer is as good as it gets! Look at the colour of these! The only problem is we might eat this entire recipe in one sitting.

fruit bagels

Bagel Fruit Pizzas   


Ok so these are just sweet bagels but if you have kids this is going to be an exciting twist on eating their fruit. Who wants fruit bagels for breakfast? We do, we do!


Vegan Rice Pudding


Vegan Coconut Rice Pudding


Something about this summer weather makes us want to throw away ever pair of shoes we own (except maybe one pair of flip flops) and never turn the oven on again. Something cool and delicious waiting for us in the fridge? Oh heck yes.


Fruit Salsa

Fruit Salsa


Every dinner party you go to is sure to have chips and dips. We’re not complaining! Especially when there’s guac to be devoured but we love the idea of mixing it up with some sweet summer fruits being combined with cinnamon chips!


Chia Seed Jam

Chia Seed Jam


Every summer we plan on picking wild blackberries, strawberries, and making raspberries and making jam. If it does happen we usually burn the sugar and the jam doesn’t set. We just don’t have the skills our grandmothers did. Quick and easy strawberry jam with chia seeds? That we can do.


Grilled Fruit Salad

Grilled Fruit Salad


There is one exception to cooking we’ll make in the summer- grilling! And yes to grilling fruit! Grilled nectarines with ice cream, grilled avocados on a salad, and grilled fruit salad are all summer staples!


blackberry lemonade pie


Blackberry Lemonade Pie

Most of the time we’re grabbing a big watermelon and slicing it up for potlucks but every now and then we like to make something that’s going to be a showstopper. Ladies and gentlemen….let us present Blackberry Lemonade Pie. Holy moly! On second thought it might never make it out of our kitchen.


Looking for more healthy recipes? Check out our post 7 Vegan and Veggie-Packed Meals to Make this Week!

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