A Crash Course in Supplements
By: Pura | November 19, 2019

If you’re heard people talking about taking spirulina, chlorella, or even reishi mushroom and had no idea what they’re talking about, don’t sweat it. The world of supplements and superfoods can be overwhelming and intimidating.  But it can also be exciting and rewarding. Once you dive in, it’s hard to remember what was so scary about it in the first place.

But the fact that you’re reading this post is a really good sign! It means you’re looking to improve your health, new ways to nourish your body, and invest in your overall well-being.

There are some common questions when heading into the supplement aisle that we’re going to answer for you.

Where should I start?

This one is tricky since everybody is different. If you have an ailment, low energy, or something you’re concerned about we recommend seeing your doctor or preferred health professional. However, if you’re a healthy person who is just looking to improve your overall well-being we recommend a protein powder.

So if this world is all new to you, where should you start?

Introducing protein powder into your diet is a fantastic way to improve your nutritional intake every day and you’re also introducing some healthy habits as well but taking the time to create your daily smoothie, shake, or healthy meal. Need some more inspiration? We’ve got lots of recipes here on

How do I find out which supplements are best for me?

There are many ways to discover what works best for your body and your life. But we really recommend thinking about what is going to work for your lifestyle first. If you always forget to eat that energy bar in your bag then that isn’t something that will likely work for you.

Think about what you want to accomplish, do you want to eat a healthier breakfast? Then a protein powder might be right for you. Are you looking to lose weight? Then a green tea supplement might be best. Are you vegan? Then you might be thinking about ensuring you’re getting vitamin B12 or Omega 3.

Don’t be afraid to give something a try! Or ask questions! Retailers where Pura products are found have knowledgeable staff members that can recommend something that is right for you.

Again if you have a specific concern or ailment speak to your health professional first.


Where can I find more information?

We’re lucky to be working with some informed, passionate, and educated experts here at Pura. Stay tuned for more details on our ambassadors in the nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle industries who will be sharing their expertise here at!

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