Benefits of Cardamom
Cardamom, The Spice We Can’t Get Enough Of
By: Pura | November 09, 2019

Lately, we’ve been craving cardamom. Random? Maybe. But justified? Yes! After we started wanting it in our cookies, on our ice creams, and even in our coffee! We knew we needed to do a bit of digging to understand this glorious spice and we were not disappointed. It turns out that this spice comes with a plethora of health benefits to go along with its unforgettable taste.


High Antioxidant Content


Like most spices, this can be a bit misleading. Cardamom does have high anti-oxidant content but in order to really reap the benefits, you’re going to have to have about 3 grams a day to really see benefits like lowered blood pressure. Researchers think it is because cardamom acts as a diuretic by encouraging the body to urinate and remove excess water within your body.

That being said, 3 grams isn’t a totally unrealistic amount! You could take it in supplements or add it regularly to your soups or curries.


Digestive Aids


Cardamom has been used for thousands of years as a digestive aid and is often recommended to help with nausea and vomiting. It’s also been studied for its ability to heal and treat ulcers. However, it’s generally mixed with other spices for maximum effect so make sure to speak to your health practitioner before using it to treat any digestive ailments.


Breath Freshener


Maybe one of the reasons we love cardamom so much is because the taste is so familiar. Cardamom is sometimes used in chewing gum or breath fresheners because of its ability to fight mouth bacteria which in turn can help prevent cavities.


Breathing Aid


Yes, cardamom can act as a breathing aid but not like those machines you see at hospitals. When used in aromatherapy, cardamom has been shown to increase the body’s ability to use oxygen.


Weight Loss Aid


Not only can cardamom help regulate and lower blood sugar levels when taken in powdered form, it has also been shown to potentially help us lose weight! However further research still needs to be done so if you’re looking to regulate your blood sugar levels or lose weight, definitely speak with your doctor.


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