Easing Anxiety with Nutrition
By: Pura | May 08, 2017

As someone who has suffered from anxiety, I know that the worst part of it all is feeling totally of out control and helpless. It creeps into your world slowly and can take over your life. I’ve dealt with mild and severe anxiety and it isn’t fun.

I felt like I had tried everything, therapy, medication, and meditation but I never found the ‘cure’ I was looking for.

The good news is that there is no ‘cure’! Now I know you’re probably thinking, ‘That is not good news- that’s terrible news!’ But let me explain.

I had to change my attitude towards anxiety in order to understand it, deal with it, and ultimately live a more peaceful life.

The first thing I had to understand is that anxiety is like an injury in the sense that once it sets in, it takes a while to heal. So if you’re doing yoga, eating right, and doing all the things you should, it’s still going to take a while to get better. That was difficult for me, I would get angry at myself for not feeling better when I was doing everything I ‘should be doing’.

The second and most powerful thing I had to learn was that anxiety will never be ‘cured’. I can’t take a pill and then never worry about it again. I needed to do things every day to prevent it from overtaking my life.

Here is the best news, food and nutrition helped immensely. Having a nutrient-dense diet was empowering. I had always been a healthy person (I have been a vegan for over a decade) but I got really strict with what went into my body. No more coffee or wine, and a lot more green tea. I was diligent with vitamin B12, Omega 3, and vitamin D supplements. I incorporated superfoods into my meals and kept sugar to a minimum.

Is this the magic combination for everyone? No, but deciding to take control of your body through your food is something anyone can do and you can do it right away.

Every morning when I took my supplements with my green tea I felt like I was taking care of myself and investing in an anxiety-free life.

Is my anxiety gone completely? No. Is it manageable and under control? Yes.

If you’re dealing with anxiety or depression, then you’re doing the right thing by trying to learn more and take care of yourself. Investing in self-care is a must and listening to your body to find out what it needs. Sometimes that means medication. Talk to someone about how you feel, go easy on yourself, understand that it takes time, and take your time finding out what the best ‘formula’ is for you and your body.

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