Foods for Dry Skin
Fight Dry Skin With These Foods
By: Pura | November 22, 2018

It’s November and we’re already tired of the cold weather. Our hair is brittle, we’re wearing 2 pairs of socks at once, and our skin feels like tree bark. Besides keeping a jar of coconut oil handy at all times to moisturize at all times we are constantly looking for any other tricks to give us that dewy glow that comes from a day in the sun. We may not be able to get our tan back for another 6 months but we have found some foods to pile on our plate to get our skin through the season.



Sweet Potatoes


Sweet potatoes are beta-carotene-rich veggies with tons of Vitamin A which help prevent dry skin. As an added bonus, sweet potatoes have been shown to fight cancer cells, help with digestion,  and support eye health. So pass the mashed sweet potatoes!



Olive Oil


For years we’ve been learning about olive oil and it’s long list of benefits include reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, fighting inflammation, and even helping to retain nutrients in the food we eat. What you might not know is that the vitamin E, monounsaturated fats, and omega-3 fatty acids in olive oil are great for the health of your skin and can even help protect it from the sun’s rays. 


Oranges & Citrus Fruits


Anything packed with Vitamin C is nourishing for your skin since it aids with the production of collagen in our skin. Just like olive oil, eating oranges or other citrus fruits can help you fight damage from skin exposure too. 





Yes, we all should be drinking more water (at least we should be!). Staying hydrated not only keeps your body functioning optimally but it’s good for circulation and healthy skin too. And although 8 glasses of water a day may seem excessive, it’s still recommended by health experts as the daily goal to strive for.




It’s no surprise that a green vegetable made the list of foods that are good for your skin but asparagus is especially appealing this time of year because it also has vitamin C, folate, calcium, protein, and fiber among lots of other important nutrients. In fact, some people apply asparagus to soothe acne.



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