6 Caffeinated Recipes For Your Skin and Body
5 Caffeinated Recipes For Your Skin and Body
By: Pura | March 27, 2018

Many of us need our daily latte to get us going in the morning and perk up at the smell of roasted coffee beans. But caffeine is so much more than a source of energy in your favourite drinks. It can fight the signs of aging, inflammation, and rosacea. Often, people have caffeine powder and coffee grinds in their pantries to be used as an ingredient in beauty and body care recipes and we’ve got 5 luxurious recipes for you to try at home!


DIY Coffee Soap

Homemade Coffee Soap

Soaping 101 has a great Youtube video that reviews how common caffeine is as an ingredient in beauty and lifestyle products and then walks you through the process of making your own caffeinated bars of your own!


Cellulite Butter Bar

Bronzing Caffeine Butter Bar

Hello Glow claims that this body butter bar won’t just give you a nice bronzing glow but has the ability to reduce cellulite. Now that is one amazing soap! Even if the claims don’t live up to the hype for you personally, the thought of smelling freshly roasted coffee beans while in the bath sounds heavenly.


Caffeine Eye Cream Recipe


Caffeine & Escin Eye Cream

Want to try something new to reduce the puffiness under your eyes? Why not give It’s All In My Hand’s caffeine and escin eye cream recipe a try! She says it helps reduce the slight blue colour that some people get when they’re tired and that you can feel your circulation improving immediately!


Coffee Face Mask

Coffee Face Mask

We love a good face mask but they can be pricey and sometimes we don’t even understand all the ingredients on the label. But we’re dying to try Body & Soul’s Espresso Yourself Facial Mask Recipe because of its simple ingredients. Given that many people feel caffeine gives your skin a gentle jolt, we’re curious to see how this might perk up our face after a long week!


Coffee Scrub Recipe

Coffee Body Scrub

Speaking of baths, why not give your whole body a scrub and a gentle energy boost this 3 ingredient body scrub from Karissa’s Vegan Kitchen? Karissa claims its great for exfoliating your entire body and helping to remove dead skin cells. Yes, please!


Want to read more about caffeine? Read our article on 10 Drinks to Replace Your Morning Cup of Coffee for a Healthier Day.

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