2020 Food Trends
Health and Food Trends for 2020
By: Pura | September 26, 2019

We’re still not even sure how summer is even over but we’re willing to bet that 2020 is going to be here faster than we can say frozen spirulina Sunday.

But we feel 2020 is going to be a good year, we can FEEL it! Anyone else high-fiving us over here? For one thing the world is getting more conscious about healthy eating and the food we’re choosing to eat.

Expect to see more of these food trends in 2020:


Meat Alternatives and Plant-Based Meat


You can’t go anywhere anymore without a Beyond Meat dish being promoted and with good reason. It’s been a huge success for A&W, Tim Hortons, and White Spot. Be prepared for more meat-alternative brands to explode on the market in 2020 and beyond. Considering that eating vegan was considered pretty fringe a few years ago, now let these statistics sink in: lab meat and meat alternative will overtake traditional meat sales by the year 2040. That’s only 20 years from now! That’s while traditional dairy sales continue to decline and 25% of meals eaten by Americans are now meat-free. The plant-based community continues to grow and thrive so expect more veggies on your plate in 2020!


CBD Oil and CBD Products


CBD products exploded this past year with everything from chocolate to creams and oils. This past year we saw it being touted as an alleviation for everything from insomnia to inflammation but luckily we’re getting even more research on what its actual benefits are. It’s becoming more clear on what we know about it and what we don’t know. It has been shown to help with some cases of anxiety and insomnia and even chronic pain. But pay attention to how much CBD oil is in the products you’re consuming as you may not be digesting enough to get the results you’re looking for and you never want to consume more than the recommended amount.



Ayurvedic Eating


If Ayurvedic isn’t something you’re familiar with, you’re not the only one. Ayurvedic eating is a way of eating that originated in India about 3,000 based on the belief that the foods we eat can have preventative and healing benefits.  But it’s only recently begun to gain traction here in North America.

According to WebMD, it can be summed up as “the belief that health and wellness depend on a delicate balance between the mind, body, and spirit. Its main goal is to promote good health, not fight disease. But treatments may be geared toward specific health problems.”

Determining your spiritual and physical make-up then determines what you should be eating. It’s truly a fascinating way of focusing on the food you eat with your spiritual well-being and we can see why so many people are beginning to convert to this way of eating.


Zero Waste and Sustainable Packaging


People are taking to the streets to protest global warming and zero-waste stores are thriving. People are demanding more from the brands they are supporting and we are here for it. Expect to see even more transitions to compostable, recyclable, or even package-less foods and products on the shelves.


Read more on health trends and hacks on our recent blog post 6 Health Hacks to Make Today!

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Health is wealth and a healthy body has good mind. I know the CBD oil because i am using this oil last 4 years. I really agree with your all disscussion.

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