Holy Basil
Holy Basil is One Wondrous Herb
By: Pura | February 08, 2018

We dare you to try and find someone who doesn’t love basil. It’s impossible! Who doesn’t love the bright green herb that is packed with flavour and antioxidants? Today it’s a particular kind of basil that is getting attention from natural health experts and nutritionists; Holy Basil (also known as Tulsi).


Holy Basil Treating Malaria and Stomach Issues

Holy Basil is native to Southeast Asia and has been used to treat a variety of ailments in Indian medicine such as ringworm and eye disease. Insect repellents can be made from Holy Basil while its seeds can help treat malaria. It can even be used to treat stomach issues like ulcers, nausea, and vomiting. It’s also a great source of potassium, Vitamin A, iron, and calcium.


Holy Basil Reducing Stress and Anxiety

But what Holy Basil is getting a lot of attention for lately is its ability to help reduce stress and anxiety. More and more people are buying Holy Basil oil, supplements, and tea for its ability to act as an adaptogen and support the body to operate optimally during times of stress. And these aren’t just made-up marketing claims either. Scientific studies have shown that Holy Basil can significantly lower the effects of generalized anxiety disorder, insomnia, and depression. Holy Basil is able to do this by reducing white blood cell count in the body which raises during times of stress.


How Holy Basil Improves Health

Many people take Holy Basil as some studies have shown that it is a cancer preventative, improves oral health, and even reduce blood sugar levels.


Holy Basil Adaptogen and Non-Toxic

As an adaptogen, Holy Basil is non-toxic and is considered safe for short-term use, although it’s always a good idea to consult with your health practitioner about any changes to your diet. And it’s important to look for clean and organic products so that you’re putting the highest quality products in your body. Experts agree that to maximize benefits, taking a concentrated amount is best (as opposed to tea or basil leaves in your cooking).


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