Superfoods Detoxing with Spirulina
Natural Superfoods Detoxing Series Part Three: Spirulina the Wondrous Pond Scum
By: Pura | November 28, 2017

If haven’t checked out part one and our ‘Detoxing Naturally’ series then skip back and read them here and here!


When it comes to superfoods, they don’t get any more buzz-worthy than spirulina. This blue-green algae that grows in alkaline waters is source of protein, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. Don’t let the nickname ‘pond scum’ deter you!


What is Spirulina?


Spirulina has shown to have an impressive capacity to prevent cancer, increase energy, and reduce cholesterol levels.


Like kale, spirulina is high in protein and high in iron. Protein is essential in cell production and muscle repair, you can read more about the importance of protein during detoxing in our second post in our detoxing series here.


Iron fights off viral and bacterial infections in the body and allows our blood to carry oxygen to our muscles and organs while removing the carbon dioxide. While detoxing, iron is vital to keep our body flush with oxygen.


Adding spirulina to your diet has been shown to alkalize the body and support liver function by functioning as an antioxidant and scavenging for free radical cells. It’s even been shown to reduce arsenic from our systems!


Since the liver detoxifies our blood and filters chemicals to be passed through our systems, it is essential that any detox or diet supports a healthy liver.


Spirulina A Superfood


In addition, spirulina has proven to help remove harmful microbiotas from our digestive tracts and support the growth of healthy bacterial flora. And if that wasn’t enough, it’s been shown to fight cancerous cells, lower chances of stroke, lower blood cholesterol levels, boost energy, speed up weight loss, and even alleviate sinus issues.


With spirulina, more than most foods, it’s important to look for high-quality sources since the algae can absorb contaminants or toxins in the water where it grows. Contaminated spirulina can cause a variety of health issues, to avoid this look for trusted brands that are grown in safe conditions and tested for toxins.

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