Our Love Letter to Chlorella
By: Pura | March 07, 2020

Yes, we are still crazy for chlorella! Especially now that keeping our immune systems in optimal health is such a priority for everyone right now. So no… we’re not going to stop talking about the amazing green superfoods you need to keep in your pantry, in your car, in your emergency kit, and in your purse. Ok, some might consider that overkill but not us!

Remember that each tablespoon of the superfood chlorella includes:

  • 5 grams of protein
  • 96% of your daily recommended vitamin A intake
  • 24% of your daily recommended vitamin B2 intake
  • 10% of your daily recommended vitamin B3 intake
  • 67% of your recommended daily iron intake
  • 44% of your daily recommended magnesium intake

Plus you’ll be getting vitamin B1, B6, K, chlorophyll, and phosphorous with every serving of chlorella too. Not only is it food packed with nutrition and essential vitamins, it’s a versatile one that can easily be added to a variety of dishes. Try adding chlorella extract to your pesto, smoothies, salad dressings, or matcha lattes.

As a superfood, chlorella isn’t just used to ensure a well-rounded diet for optimal health, it’s a proven treatment for a variety of health challenges as well.

And what do all of these amazing nutrients do for your body?

A 2012 study showed that an intake of chlorella improved blood sugar levels in a relatively short amount of time by increasing cell activity, which keeps your body actively absorbing nutrients and removing toxins. The result of reduced sugar levels from chlorella is good news for those diagnosed with diabetes.

Chlorella has also shown to be an effective aid in lowering blood pressure. However because of the high amount of vitamin K in it, it
shouldn’t be taken with any blood thinner medication.

That’s not all…

A short-term study recently concluded that the superfood chlorella is an effective immune system booster in healthy adults due to the high amounts of natural killer cells it contains, which fights off virus’ and infections. The high amount of chlorophyll in chlorella also acts as a blood purifying agent and enables the body to utilize oxygen more effectively.

It’s a natural detoxifying agent too…

It’s pretty much impossible these days to avoid ingesting heavy metals from our environment. Pesticides, pollution, chemicals, and other toxins are in our foods, oceans, air, and in the products we have in our homes. In fact, symptoms of excessive toxic build up include fatigue, depression, aching joints, and digestive issues.

Chlorella is a natural binding agent that identifies and rids your body the unwanted chemicals and toxins in your body, such as mercury and lead. In addition, combining it with cilantro has shown to remove high levels of toxins in very short amounts of time.

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