Pickles and Preserves
Pickles Perserves, and All The Ways to Save Summer Produce All Year Round
By: Pura | June 18, 2020

Now is the time of year when we’re coming home from our local produce stand with boxes of fruits and veggies. Watermelons, strawberries, rhubarb, and more green veggies than we can remember. It’s a bit overwhelming finding a way to cook, eat, and take advantage of all the seasonal goodness.

So we’ve been spending some time trying to figure out how to make it last as long as possible so that we’re not living off squash all winter.




You might be rolling your eyes as you read this but pickled veggies are still vegetables which means they mostly have the same nutritional content as raw veggies! It’s also a fantastic way to make use of all those fresh cucumbers you might be growing in your backyard. What you may not know is that the vinegar brine used for making pickles has also been shown to help soothe cramps!┬áThat same brine is also high in antioxidants, so maybe sipping the juice after doesn’t seem so unappetizing after all?




Again, this isn’t exactly rocket science but have you compared how much frozen corn costs compared to fresh corn? We get our corn for $.25 an ear while a bag of organic corn can cost us $5! So don’t forget to put some of your fresh berries, corn, and even seasonal veggies in the freezer for later in the year.


Fermented Foods


Nobody on this earth can convince us that sauerkraut is anything other than magic. It’s perfectly crunchy, salty, soft, and packed full of probiotics. Or you could try your hand at kimchi, home-made cultured green beans, or if you’re feeling really ambitious you can make your own tempeh with fresh soybeans!


Canning and Jams


Got way to many tomatoes or blackberries? Making jams and sauces are a delicious way to save those fresh summer herbs, greens, veggies, and fruits that you can reach for when its rainy or snowy outside. (Even though we’re trying not to think about it right now.)


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