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PURA’s Contract Manufacturing, How Does it Work?
By: Pura | April 19, 2018

We’re taking a bit of a break this week from our usual content to address one of our most commonly asked questions, about contract manufacturing!

PURA was established in 2016 with brand new and state of the art manufacturing facilities. Which means that not only does PURA produce its own line of green superfood powders (with new products on the way!) but it can also produce high-quality supplements and natural health products for your company.

Our nutraceuticals manufacturing team regularly produces custom, premium products that support all contract manufacturing orders and client needs. As a GMP facility licensed by Health Canada, PURA ensures all formulations, packaging, and logistics are professionally managed to guarantee the highest quality products.

Companies looking for packing and packaging can simply take advantage of the brand new machines and experienced staff we have on hand rather than investing your own fortune to update ageing resources.

PURA’s team is ready to take on your encapsulation, tableting, powder/blending, pouching, bottling, and labelling so that you can focus on growing your business. Or as we like to say, work on the business, not in the business. Manufacturing services include raw material sourcing, formulation, product development, custom and contract manufacturing, regulatory services, compliance, and regulatory services.

We know that this might be information overload! But we’re here to make it easier, just give us a call at 604-222-6666 and we can answer any of your questions and walk you through our Richmond GMP facility and our services.



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