Meditation Hacks
Quiet Your Mind with these Mini Meditation Hacks
By: Pura | October 12, 2019

We have every intention of meditating every single day. But as our day gets closer and closer to ending, we find we haven’t given ourselves even 5 minutes to sit and listen to our breath. And if we do, it’s rushed..which is exactly the opposite of what we’re trying to achieve.

The thing is, we know the many, many proven benefits of meditation. We’ve even written how meditation has been shown to lower blood pressure, supports digestion, improves mental ability, eases anxiety and depression, and even keeps our brain from aging. 

But still. We find it challenging to do it consistently and without rushing.

Since we love a good hack, we found some excellent ways to incorporate meditative practices into your daily life without having to commit to an hour of sitting (or even 15 minutes).


Walking Meditation


If you aren’t walking even just a few minutes of every day, then you probably need a bigger fitness and mental overall than this blog post can provide. But for most of us, even on our busiest days we’ll dash off to Starbucks or take the dog for a walk. It’s the perfect time to clear your mind by paying close attention to the sound of your feet on the ground, how your hands feel swinging at your sides, and how the air smells. Walking meditation is all about being hyper-aware of your surroundings and in doing so, clearing your mind. We find that there is no excuse to turn off our podcasts for 5 minutes to take in our gorgeous surroundings.


Body Scanning Before Bed


We love this one for when our mind is still going 100 km an hour when our head hits the pillow (which is pretty much every night). A body scan is where you lay on your back and focus on the areas of your body that might feel fatigued, tense, or sore. We like to envision a bright white light very slowly scanning the tips our toes up to the top of our heads, giving us energy and recharging our muscles. Although we generally fall asleep before our imaginary scan makes it to our neck! You can also find a ton of guided body scan meditations both on Youtube and through different podcasts.


Picture Your Future Self


This might not be so much of a meditation as a way of feeling calm and cooling down when things get stressed. You know how life always seems to be viewed through rose-coloured glasses when we look back at the past? We like to picture our future selves looking back at us with compassion. Say our kid has painted our walls while we were trying to do a million things at once. Before losing our cool, we like to picture how our future self would look at the situation. In the future, we’ll probably miss our kid being little and a bit mischevious. One day we’re going to miss them being small and getting into trouble. Think about how precious life is, how quickly it changes, and how one day you’ll probably look back at even your hard times a little more fondly helps us put things into perspective and feel a bit more zen.

Some other quick tips are adding some calming meditative podcasts into our rotation with daily affirmations and visual techniques or making sure we’re catching a yoga class every now and then where we’re forced to separate from our electronics and focus on our body and breath.

Read more about the benefits of meditation here.

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