Goal Setting
The Science Behind Goal-Setting
By: Pura | June 04, 2019

Almost all of us have goals. It could be that we want to spend next winter splashing in the ocean in Hawaii or that we want to be able to do at least one pull-up at the gym. Setting goals is fun! It helps us visualize what we want in life and reminds us what we prioritize.

But goals can have a positive impact on our mental health as well. Writing down and posting your goals somewhere that you can see them regularly is even recommended for those working on and recovering from different types of mental illness and substance abuse.

Not only that, but writing down your goals can be the key actually to achieving them. Harvard Business School has conducted two major studies on goal setting and found that writing them down makes a big impact on whether we achieve them. Other studies, even on athletes, showed that those who wrote down their goals were more likely to improve task-specific abilities.

But don’t just write them down- take time to visualize your goals! People who vividly describe their goals are 1.2-1.4 times more likely to successfully accomplish their goals!

Many people make lists for long-term and short term goals but we think the key to writing down goals is to break them down to very small steps. Want to be a multi-millionaire or a travel blogger? It’s not enough to write that down (although that’s a start), you need to then work backwards until you get to what you can start doing today and tomorrow to get you closer to your goal.

Time is your best friend or your enemy. It’s really up to you which one it is. The bigger the goal, the more long term it will probably be and the more time you’re going to need. We suggest making a routine of working on your goal. We love the idea of a 21 Day Challenge where you carve out space every day to focus, visualize, and work on reaching your goal.

We also find it’s helpful to stop and review on your progress regularly. It’s easy to go down a rabbit hole or get stuck on something when working on something big. Take time to asses where you are on your journey and where you need to be in terms of your timeline.

So want to be a world-famous travel blogger? Write down that goal, visualize that goal, break down the goal into smaller steps, work on it regularly, and asses your progress. Now go make that dream a reality!

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