What is Biotin and Why Do We Need It?
By: Pura | November 13, 2017

Interest in Biotin has increased in the past few years but as it’s also known as vitamin H, it isn’t anything new. However, our understanding of the important role this vitamin plays in the functioning of our bodies has increased.

As a part of the B vitamin group, it is necessary for our body to breakdown proteins and convert amino acids from protein into blood sugar for energy. Biotin also helps strengthen our fingernails, skin, and hair and control blood sugar levels.

Having a healthy amount in your diet supports muscle and tissue repair, brain function, and your cardiovascular system and thyroid. Many people believe that it has made their hair and nails stronger although studies haven’t been able to prove that it is an effective aid for thinning hair. Moreover, it could help our bodies heal faster from wounds but there is still very little studies into this possibility.

Commonly found in foods such as eggs, meats & fish, avocados, and cauliflower, a deficiency is rare, although it can happen. And our bodies’ are actually able to recycle the existing Biotin that we’ve digested and already used. People who have taken antibiotics for long periods of time or suffer from digestive issues can be susceptible. Pregnant women also need to take extra care that they are getting sufficient biotin, with some research estimating that one third of pregnant women will become biotin deficient although the effects of this aren’t understood at this point.

Biotin is included in many multivitamins and also as its own supplement. Want to know more about supplements? Read our post on An Intro to Vitamins and Supplements.

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