Paleo Diet
What is the Paleo Diet and Should You Try It?
By: Pura | November 02, 2017

As of writing this, searches for ‘Paleolithic Diet’ by Canadians have increased 900% over the past 5 years, so you’ve likely heard of the Paleo diet. This isn’t a fad diet that will be going away anytime soon, in fact, you could argue that it’s the oldest diets known to human beings. Which is why it’s also known as the ‘Caveman Diet’.

Fortunately, with the increased demand and interest in following a Paleo diet, there have been increased studies on its effect on our bodies. Much of it promising.


What is the Paleo Diet?


A paleo diet consists of fruits, vegetables, lean meats & seafoods, nuts, and healthy fats while avoiding dairy, grains, processed foods & sugars, legumes, starches, and alcohol. Many people like to say that it’s a diet that imitates our caveman ancestors. That also means that meats are strictly from grass-fed sources (free range or wild is always preferred) and that fat is considered healthy. The goal of a paleo diet is to maintain a optimal balance of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.


The Research


Has been shown to have a positive effect on those living with type 2 diabetes. It’s also been shown to improve carbohydrate and lipid metabolism for some, support heart health better than some other traditional ‘heart healthy’ diets, and can be good for your colon. One person has even claimed it reversed their Multiple Sclerosis. Not everyone agrees on the logic that eating like a caveman is what our bodies need, some leading health experts feel more studies are needed and that cutting out alcohol and processed foods would produce positive benefits for anyone.


What You Should Know


Before you hop on run to the grocery store to stock up on meats and greens, there are a few things to consider. It’s worth consulting with your health professional before switching to a new diet to ensure you’re still getting all the nutrients your body needs. And to avoid eating too much protein! It can also be helpful to join a Paleo group on Facebook or a local Meetup group for support, advice, and recipes. Especially since you might miss peanut butter, chickpeas, or anything soy.

Paleo is also considered a lifestyle and regular exercise is recommended to balance the healthy fats and carbs you’re eating, so while you’re planning out your meals you should be planning out your physical activity regularly as well.

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