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What is the Pegan Diet?
By: Pura | May 25, 2018

There are large groups of communities that feel very strongly about vegan and paleo diets. Advocates of both of these diets feel these ways of eating provide a variety of health benefits and some will argue that they may be the most ‘natural’ way us humans should be eating. We’re not here to disagree but for many others, these diets can seem intimidating or restricting.

Celebrity Doctor Mark Hyman felt that the solution must lay somewhere in between and recently came up with the Pegan Diet.

After trying both vegan and paleo diets for a number of years, Dr. Mark Hyman felt that something was missing in both ways of eating. Vegan diets meant a rich amount of fruits and veggies but still lacked in key nutrients like Vitamin B12 (although that can be found in supplemental form). While the Paleo Diet can offer an excuse for many people to eat an excess of red meat and avoid the veggies that they need.

Ultimately, both diets can offer a variety of health benefits and can provide healthy eating guidelines if the person is still consciously eating a wide variety of foods they need for a well-balanced diet.

But Dr. Mark Hyman felt that both diets could be a bit extreme for the majority of people and there must be a solution somewhere in the middle.


The Pegan Diet: Whole Foods and Balanced Blood Sugar Levels


Just like vegan and paleo diets, the Pegan Diet emphasizes whole foods and anti-inflammatory meals that keep blood sugar levels where they should be. The Pegan Diet recommends eating 75% whole fruits and vegetables. That means that 25% of what you eat should be protein, which can be fresh seafood, organic meat, or legumes or tempeh.

The diet also means getting the ‘right fats’ so fats from seafood or avocados and nuts.

Here’s where the big restrictions come into play. The Pegan Diet means no dairy, gluten, or wheat. Gluten-free grains like quinoa should be eating sparingly. Beans shouldn’t be eaten often either.

The Pegan Diet also means opting for organic or local whenever possible, which is something we can see why Dr. Mark Hyman argues for.

Overall the real focus in a Pegan Diet is whole foods and heavily relying on fresh fruits and vegetables. But some experts have argued that this diet might not work for everyone, such as athletes who need a higher protein intake.


Ultimately, if you’re looking for a diet to follow but feel veganism or a paleo diet is too restrictive, a Pegan diet might be worth looking into. But as always, check with your health professional before making any drastic changes to your diet.

Learn more about the Pegan Diet here and learn more about anti-inflammatory foods on our blog post here!

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