Benefits of House Plants
What’s an Easy Way to Improve Your Health? House Plants!
By: Pura | February 29, 2020

Confession: we’ve turned into a bit of a house plant nerd this year. We were gifted a money tree that is now flourishing on our desk and now we’re hooked! We spray its leaves to keep it feeling good, we occasionally give it showers, and we make sure to fertilize it about once a month. It’s like our beloved cat who likes to sleep on our keyboard except it doesn’t leave fur all over the place while causing our computer to crash.

It’s no surprise that our houseplant brings us joy and have a meditative effect, house plants have been shown to provide a variety of health benefits! So if you’re like us and spend a good majority of your weekday in front of a computer screen, bringing in some greenery can help lighten your day.

We all know that plants help purify and clean our air but you might be surprised to learn how much one little houseplant can do. Plants remove toxins from air –up to 87% of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) every 24 hours, according to NASA research. VOCs include substances like formaldehyde (present in rugs, vinyl, cigarette smoke and grocery bags), benzene and trichloroethylene (both found in man-made fibers, inks, solvents and paint). 

And while most of us aren’t spending as much time outside as we should be, just the sight of greenery can make us feel more relaxed and calm.

In fact, studies have proven that house plants improve concentration and productivity (by up to 15%), reduce stress levels, and boost your mood.

Now if you’re not convinced that house plants are the easiest and cheapest way to make work-life better (besides maybe daily walks) then consider that studies have shown that those tiny plants can actually improve your focus by improving your attention span!

That is mind-blowing! We didn’t think we could love our growing family of plants even more, but somehow they seem even more magical.

Looking for more easy ways to improve your health? Read our article on apps to keep you on track with your health goals this year!

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