Celery Juice
What’s With All the Hype Around Celery Juice?
By: Pura | November 03, 2019

Celery had a moment in 2019. Yes, the often-ignored vegetable that is sometimes said to use up more calories to digest then what it contains.

But we found out this year that we might have all been sleeping on the health benefits of celery! Who knew!?!

Celery juice became a popular choice at your local juice bar because of its low-calorie and its high fiber content. (Although you’re going to have to eat it raw to enjoy the majority of its fiber.)

But even when juiced, celery is high in Vitamin C, calcium, and iron, as well as other powerful antioxidants. It’s also been shown to help stimulate the immune system, prevent chronic disease, improve heart health, strengthen the bones, and protect blood vessel integrity.

Another big benefit of celery juice is its proven ability to help lower inflammation and even help with allergies.  In addition, it’s been shown to help reduce the symptoms of arthritis in studies with mice.

But one of the big benefits of celery juice is its potential ability to fight and reduce cancer cells. So add celery to your list of super cancer-fighting foods! (Experts advise to look for organic celery to really get maximum cancer-fighting benefits.)

We’ve also talked quite a bit about the importance of gut health and celery juice can help improve digestion, reduce and improve overall gut health. (Including helping to heal ulcers!)

Celery juice is a vegetable so it may not be surprising that it has such a positive effect on our bodies like helping to balance blood sugar levels and lowering cholesterol but we’ve often just seen celery as a way to eat hummus.

So what do you think? Would you swap out your morning tea or juice for celery juice?

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