Going Vegan in 2020
Why Everyone is Going Vegan This Year
By: Pura | January 08, 2020

It’s not you, the world really is going more green. Not only is your Aunt Debbie asking for tofu recipes and how to cook tempeh but the Golden Globes went vegan and Beyond Meat Burgers are everywhere.

If you’re not sure why veganism seems to be exploding, we’ll break it down for you.


Veganism Fights Climate Change


The effects of climate change are becoming harder and harder to ignore and people are becoming more personally motivated to take individual action to fight it. The meat industry contributes more carbon emissions than all the cars on the road combined, uses up one-third of our drinkable water, and uses up 70% of all farmland on the planet. In fact, our demand for meat is the number one reason for the Amazon deforestation. Farmed animals are fed a variety of antibiotics and drugs to make them grow faster, avoid disease, and keep them alive in conditions they would usually perish in. All these extra drugs enter our food chain either through us consuming the animals or through the massive amount of animal waste that ends up in our water and soil.

Books can and have been written about the environmental destruction of the meat industry alone so we won’t go on too long. But many people are starting to believe you can’t be an environmentalist and still eat meat.


Veganism Has Health Benefits


One of the most fantastic things we’re seeing with the rise of veganism and plant-based eating is that we’re realizing that saying goodbye to meat and cheese doesn’t mean becoming a frail hippie wearing hemp shoes. There are no shortage of studies on veganism and our health and we feel that the majority of them are very promising. Going vegan has been shown to help us lose weight, lower blood sugar levels, increase our defenses against disease, and help alleviate aches and pains. 

People have also shared anecdotal stories of veganism helping to improve their skin, digestion, and even asthma!


Veganism is Good for Communities and People

One of the lesser-known facts about the meat industry is that is can have a big impact on the communities close to slaughterhouses and that it exploits and endangers the people working in them.

A study done by UBC found that communities with slaughterhouses in them had higher rates of crime rates with all other things consistent, while illegal immigrants were often exploited and endangered while working there. 


Veganism is Kinder to Animals


This one is a bit more obvious. With undercover footage of mass animal farms, slaughterhouses, and with more and more studies showing that the animals we eat are empathetic, compassionate, and complex, it’s getting harder and harder to be an animal lover while supporting the meat industry.


Looking for tips on transitioning vegan? We’ve got a blog post for you here!

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