Kale Organic Powder180g

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Kale has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, reducing the risk of developing a variety of illnesses and diseases.


PVE: A282-000-01

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Kale Organic Powder

If you often feel like your diet and health could use a nutritional boost but do not know where to begin, kale is the answer for are looking for! Kale has become an increasingly popular health food, due to the dense concentration of vitamins and minerals found in this cruciferous green.

Kale has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, reducing the risk of developing a variety of illnesses and diseases. The abundant antioxidants in kale are crucial for fighting harmful free radicals that can lead to serious health symptoms.

Cruciferous vegetables are revered for their cancer-fighting properties, and kale is no different. Regular consumption of kale can inactivate carcinogens, protect cells from damage, and inhibit tumor cells from forming. Natural antioxidant properties of kale also benefit the body by lowering cholesterol, promoting brain development, and supporting healthy vision.

PURA values delivering only the best nutrition, and our organic kale powder is cultivated under low heat with minimal processing to maintain the highest quality kale superfood powder available.

Health Benefits

  • Detoxification
  • Cancer prevention
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Eye Health
  • Brain support


Fresh organic kale

Each package of organic kale contains 45 servings. Our organic superfoods mix effortlessly with water, juice, and smoothies. At 10 calories, 2 g fiber and 10% Vitamin A kale is a superior green to support health and wellness.

The PURA Difference

PURA is committed to providing the highest quality natural superfood products to consumers. PURA’s Organic Kale powder is vegan, non-GMO, organic, and cultivated in top of the line facilities to preserve the highest nutritional content. Our kale contains no toxins, preservatives, heavy metals, sugar or gluten for a great flavor and superior health food product.


  • Does this product interfere with medications?
    Individuals taking blood thinning medications or other prescriptions are advised to consult a health physician before increasing kale intake to their daily diet.
  • Is it safe for pregnant women?
    While no known side effects or adverse reactions to kale are known, pregnant or breastfeeding women are advised to consult a healthcare practitioner prior to supplementation.
  • Is it safe to take every day?
    It is generally safe to take Kale every day. However, As kale is a potent detoxifying green, it is beneficial to initially incorporate small doses of kale into your diet, and gradually increase your intake. Initial symptoms of gas, bloating, and headache are common as your body adjusts to digesting kale and the detoxification process.


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