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Wheatgrass is a young edible grass, originating from a common wheat plant.


PVE: C282-000-03

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Organic Wheatgrass Capsule

Wheatgrass is a young edible grass, originating from a common wheat plant. Wheatgrass is considered one of the leading superfoods on the market today, due to the unparalleled health benefits and disease reversing properties this potent plant provides.

Wheatgrass is considered one of the most nutritious greens on the planet because it offers incredible plant-based phytonutrients that instantly boost your vitamin and mineral content to support health and longevity. The health benefits of wheatgrass are comprehensive for all ages, and this young grass improves functions of every cell in the body. Rich concentrations of chlorophyll, antioxidants, electrolytes, vitamins, and amino acids ensure you can boost your health and vitality naturally

PURA™ Organic Artisan Wheatgrass is Canada’s highest quality harvested wheatgrass, grown under innovative greenhouse conditions that produces the purest green superfoods. Empower yourself with the highest quality wheatgrass and thrive- the PURA™ way!


Health Benefits


The rich nutrient concentration found in wheatgrass aids in total body detoxification. We are exposed to toxins daily, from environmental pollutants, to plastics, heavy metals, and even processed foods. Symptoms of chronic toxicity in the body include fatigue, autoimmune disease, insomnia, anxiety, depression, and neurological disorders. Because wheatgrass has a potent concentration of chlorophyll, wheatgrass is extremely efficient in eliminating compounds from the body that lead to stress and disease. Chlorophyll binds to heavy metals, free radical cells, and toxins and effectively eliminates these compounds from the body.


Another benefit of chlorophyll-rich greens such as wheatgrass is the incredible anti-cancer properties, which effectively reduces the risk of developing chronic diseases and cancer. Wheatgrass contains 70% chlorophyll, which positively influences the circulatory system. Chlorophyll improves oxygen circulation throughout the blood, and stimulates hemoglobin production. Research has shown the ability of plants rich in chlorophyll, such as wheatgrass, to naturally relieve symptoms of chemotherapy for cancer patients, and proactively prevent cancer cell formation.


The increased popularity and convenience of processed foods increases acidity within the body, which can lead to inflammation and serious health issues if left untreated. Potent green superfoods are highly alkalizing, which restores pH levels and prevents disease development. Wheatgrass provides cells with potent electrolytes and vitamins that reduce the risk of chronic diseases, prevent cancer, improve energy, strengthen bones, and support brain and heart health.


Wheatgrass has been well-studied for cancer prevention potential, as this powerful green is highly effective in boosting the immune system. The rich antioxidants found in wheatgrass reduce oxidative stress that influences cellular mutations leading to inflammation and disease. Increasing your antioxidant defense system through wheatgrass can reduce the progression of a wide variety of inflammatory-related health issues, including diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, obesity, and arthritis.


Adding wheatgrass powder to your diet has a positive influence on metabolism, promoting healthy weight loss and sustained energy. Because wheatgrass powder is low in calories and incredibly nutrient dense, your body can easily absorb phytonutrients to help you feel full and energized, while reducing unhealthy cravings.

Wheatgrass is essential for optimal digestion. The high concentration of digestive enzymes found in wheatgrass promote the breakdown of food and increases the absorption of essential vitamins and minerals. Wheatgrass shots are often recommended for people suffering from indigestion, as the detox properties of wheatgrass reduce uncomfortable bloating, gas, irritable bowel syndrome, and other digestion related issues.


Anyone looking to promote heart health and improve cardiovascular processes would benefit from adding wheatgrass to their diet. Wheatgrass has been extensively studied for its ability to reduce cholesterol, improve blood oxygen circulation, and balance glucose levels in the blood. Wheatgrass is therefore an effective preventative measure heart disease.


Wheatgrass continues to rise in popularity, thanks to the impressive health-boosting benefits this edible grass provides. Add PURA™ organic wheatgrass powder to your daily routine to reap the benefits and feel your best!


Try it With


PURA™ Wheatgrass powder is highly versatile and effortlessly mixes with water, or as an addition to natural protein shakes or plant based protein powder. It is ideal to consume organic wheatgrass as a raw shot, or drank as an elixir for maximum nutrient absorption and optimal health benefits.

Adding wheatgrass to hot drinks and heated food will destroy the nutritional value, so it is best to enjoy PURA™ wheatgrass raw to fully thrive!



Medicinal Ingredient:

Wheatgrass (Triticum aestivum – Leaf)

500 Milligrams

Non-medicinal ingredient: Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose



Pura™ Wheatgrass contains only 100% organic wheatgrass, which is ethically grown and harvested under strict environmental conditions that preserves the green’s rich nutritional integrity.


Because wheatgrass is a potent detoxifying green, it is beneficial to initially incorporate small doses of wheatgrass into your diet, and gradually increase your intake. Initial symptoms of gas, bloating, and headache are common as your body adjusts to digesting wheatgrass and adjusting to the detoxification process. A standard dose is considered 2 shots of wheatgrass, and increasing your water intake with wheatgrass will reduce the risk of side effects and improve overall digestion


Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding are advised to consult a doctor before taking wheatgrass powder. Anyone experiencing chronic allergies, blood diseases, or digestive illnesses should also consult a healthcare professional before adding wheatgrass to your regular diet.


The PURA Difference


PURA™’s superfood products are organically grown and processed under strictly monitored conditions to ensure maximum assimilation. Innovative technology breaks down superfood greens at low temperatures and high pressures to maintain the highest quality and cleanest wheatgrass available in the industry.


PURA™ values providing consumers the highest quality products with the purest ingredients. Our products are rigorously tested and are free of pesticides, heavy metals, and contaminants. PURA™ Wheatgrass is certified organic, 100% vegan, non-GMO, and contains zero preservatives. PURA™ Wheatgrass is produced under GMP standards in a controlled environment facility. No heat is used to preserve essential vitamins and minerals and maintain the nutritional integrity of the product.



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